If you find a service or program that fits your needs, please go to CONTACT with your chosen service in the subject line, along with a short description of your work and/or your needs. 

*Please be sure to read all the information below before contacting.

All Services

First Chapter Critique- $50
This first chapter will determine what agents, editors, and readers think of your story.  Elements such as dialogue, characters, setting, pacing, etc. will be covered in an editorial letter on how and what can be improved, as well as what is already working well in your story. 


Fifty Pages Critique- $100  
Whether it is pitching to an agent or after getting an accepted query letter, the first (up to) fifty pages of your book will more than likely be requested. Feedback and any suggestions or concerns about plot, characterization, pacing, and more will be included in an editorial letter. Please contact if you prefer a smaller portion critiqued. 

Manuscript Critique- $10 per 1,000 words
For this service, your entire manuscript will be read, and you will receive a detailed editorial letter revolving around different categories: plot, characters, setting, dialogue, pacing, etc. Please state in your message the total word count of the manuscript. This service does not include an annotated copy of your manuscript.

Developmental Editing- $15 per 1,000 words
This is the same service as the Manuscript Critique, except the Developmental Editing will include in-doc notes. Alongside the editorial letter, you will receive in-doc notes focusing on advice, suggestions, and any smaller scale issues within the manuscript, as well as highlighting points made in the editorial letter. Please state in your message the total word count in the manuscript.

Sensitivity Reading- $5 per 1,000 words
It is important to have a sensitivity reader to avoid unintentional stereotypes, bias themes, or misinterpretations, especially if you do not personally identify with them or have experienced them. This service is for LGBTQ+, mental health, and chronic illness representation.

Website Design- $500 - $1,000

One way to promote and advertise your work is through a website.  If you are confused as to where to start, this service will assist in getting you and your work out there for all to see. This service includes website setup, design and building, content added, and training so you can take over once the design is finished. If you already have a website built but are having problems or need further assistance, please contact so we can discuss a solution. 

Mentorship Programs

In these offered programs, you will get one-on-one support as you write, revise, and polish your manuscript. *Due to the vastness of these programs, you will be scheduled at a specific start date that works for both you and Michelle to accommodate the timeline of the program(s).

Bronze Mentorship Program- $150 

This program requires a one month commitment. Advice, guidance, and exercises will be given to get the creative mind going to bring scenes and characters from your head to your page. This includes one consultation call.

Silver Mentorship Program- $200 

This program requires a two month commitment. Advice, guidance, and exercises will be given to get the creative mind going to bring scenes and characters from your head to your page. This includes two monthly consultation calls.

Gold Mentorship Program- $250 

This program requires a three month commitment. Advice, guidance, and exercises will be given to get the creative mind going to bring scenes and characters from your head to your page. This includes three monthly consultation calls.


*Please note that working with Michelle does not guarantee an agent or publishing deal.  All services, communications, and work done will remain 100% confidential.  Nothing will be shared or used.

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Michelle is a freelance editor and does not fit the legal definition of a partnership, company, or corporation.  Payment will be between client and editor. Should an issue arise, it shall be between client and the editor.


Please format submissions with standard margins, double-spacing, and Times New Roman 12 point font.  Please keep files as a word doc.  Screenplays can be submitted as a PDF file.  
All Editorial Letters will be done with Microsoft Word.



Once the contract is accepted, payment is required.  For manuscripts or programs, clients may use a set-up payment plan, such as submitting half of the fee at the beginning and the other half of the fee at the end.  Payment is accepted via Paypal.  An invoice will be sent after the contract.  Please be aware Paypal includes a small fee with invoices.  More information is available on the PayPal website.



Refunds will be given only before the service begins.



All works submitted will remain copyrighted to you.  All stories, ideas, emails, addresses, etc. will be 100% confidential and will not be shared or used. 



Any works deemed uncomfortable or inappropriate will be politely declined.  


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