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Support Your Debut Authors, Bookstores, and the Publishing World!

We are living in a strange time. There are a lot of unknowns, and many of us are (hopefully!) staying inside and staying healthy. Because of this, and because of many closures around the world, publishing, indie book stores, and debut authors are getting hit hard. So, what are some ways we can help the book and writing world and support one another?

  • Buy from local indie bookstores - many bookstores are offering curb side pick-up, or they take online orders and ship to you. Find your local indie bookstores and see what they're offering! Not feeling comfortable with going out? Totally understandable! In that case, e-books are the way to go!

  • Order from libraries - Many libraries are closed, but they still offer online rental! As mentioned above, if you'd rather get e-books, libraries have e-book rentals!

  • Pre-order - seems pretty simple, but pre-orders are a massive way to support authors. Look all over for pre-orders, not just on Amazon (Amazon are delaying book shipments, meaning once their stock runs out they will not be ordering more for some time). There are many other online bookstores that will take pre-orders, or order from the publisher itself!

  • Attend virtual tours/livestreams - Because of the pandemic, debut authors are having to cancel their tours; however, in it's place, they are now offering virtual tours (or livestreams). Check in with the author or publisher and see where or when these virtual tours will take place!

  • Leave reviews - Reviews are a great way to get the word out, and a great way to show your support for the author. Reviews can be left in many places, such as Goodreads, Books-a-million, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, a personal book blog, and more. And if you really loved a book, let everyone know on your social media!

  • Just spread the word - Simply talking about a book with others helps the book and author. Talk about it over the phone with your mom, talk about it over social media with your friends, or gush about it to your partner/roommate! The littlest things sometimes go a long way!

This is a time where we need to support one another more than ever. It will come to pass, but for now, this will have to become our new normal for a little while.

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