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Some of the Best Writing Advice I've Received!

During a creative writing program, I found myself continuously getting stuck with certain scenes in my manuscript. I rewrote a scene, revised dialogue, and more, but I could not seem to get myself unstuck. My mentor explained to me the reason I keep ending up stuck is not because of the current scene I'm on but because my problem is actually about ten lines back.

So what does that mean?

Sometimes when we battle writer's block or keep revising a scene, our problem is usually the writing leading up to the current scene you're on. Maybe there's structural issues, maybe some dialogue is out of character in a discussion, maybe you have too much or too little expository writing, maybe the problem goes back all the way near the beginning... it could be a number of things, but the most important advice out of this is to be willing to look back and consider changes instead of trying to find a way to force out a scene.

Since I listened to my mentor's advice, I'm able to solve writer's block much more quickly and save time and frustration with not trying to force myself to write certain scenes.

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