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Book Review: Iron Heart

4/5 Stars.

Iron Heart by Nina Varela is the anticipated sequel to Crier's War and the final book of the duology, and this book wraps up the story of Crier and Ayla so beautifully.

This book is simultaneously soft and full of twists in a more political-based plot. A lot happens in Iron Heart. It kicks off right at the start, and there was never a moment where the story dragged. More evil is revealed, which creates a real sense of urgency and desperation to fix everything with somehow trying to avoid a war. It makes the whole world and the situation feel way more realistic. Most of the time when I hit a long chapter in books, I feel I have to force myself through it because the length makes it feel like it's never ending. That never once happened in this book. You're kept on your toes, and Varela does a great job in summarizing events that occurred in Crier's War as a reminder so you don't have to pause in reading and try to remember what happened before. New characters are brought in and become a great addition to the story. This was just a really solid sequel that gives you all the happy with all the action and discovery.

The chemistry between Crier and Ayla is so soft and sweet. Both come to care so passionately, and yet in different ways. I'm so happy with their ending, and it really makes me want to reread the duology just to experience it all again.

I'm very please with the ending as a whole, as it really fits with the story and fulfills the goals the character's have been striving for since Crier's War. I'm sad to see the story end, but now I can reread to my heart's content!

Iron Heart is out now!

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