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Book Review: Harrow the Ninth

5/5 Stars.

This book has destroyed my heart and brain in the best possible way.

Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir contains one of the most profound ways of storytelling I have ever read. This book follows Harrowhark Nonagesimus after the events of Gideon the Ninth as Harrow learns the ways of being a Lyctor while simultaneously battling her own troubling mind.

That's... literally all I can say to kind of sum up this story. Anything more and I feel like I would be laying down spoilers. So much happens! There's a lot of 'what the eff is going on,' and we get an even amount of answers with a thousand more questions. The book reads like a crazed, wonderful fever dream that is constantly packing punches to your heart and brain. Despite not being used to reading stories in 2nd person POV, I was instantly hooked. I was intrigued, confused, laughing, sobbing, and anxious throughout the majority of this book.

This book is so vastly different from Gideon, in so many different ways, and it was not the story I was expecting. It was better than what I was expecting. Muir is so clever in her writing, how she subtly sprinkles foreshadowing throughout the whole book, how she leads the readers in about ten different directions as to what's happening or what's going to happen before she throws you front and center with the reveals that were always there, just cleverly hidden until the last moment. There are still so many questions to be answered, but my god what a story!

It's so hard to describe Harrow's book without accidentally dropping spoilers, so I'll wrap it up with: This series is unlike any other kind of storytelling. Harrow is an instant favorite, and I feel like my emotions are in a perpetual state of whiplash after finishing it. I need more! I need Alecto!

Also: the memes and jokes in this book, oh my godddd

Harrow the Ninth is out now!

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