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Book Review: Tell Me How You Really Feel

3.5-4/5 Stars.

Tell Me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi is a very cute sapphic romantic comedy that follows a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance while also highlighting complex family dynamics and relationships. The story follows two characters: Sana and Rachel. Sana is a cheerleader, set to go to Princeton (but secretly wants to go on a medical fellowship), and tries to be the perfect girl her family has always wanted her to be. Rachel is an aspiring film director, who harbors a hatred towards Sana after thinking Sana asked her out as a joke their freshman year. After a turn of events, they now have to work together on Rachel's film, while simultaneously battling family struggles and expectations.

Besides a good slow burn romance, I absolutely loved the diversity of this book. Sana is Muslim and biracial, and Rachel is Mexican. Particularly with Sana, the reader gets a good look at different ways of life concerning family, work, and strict expectations that we don't normally get with typical white families. I really enjoyed the family interaction scenes, especially with the generation differences when it came to behavior and mannerisms.

As I said, the romance is a slow burn, but I feel the majority of the book was Rachel being brutally mean before, out of nowhere, coming to the realization that she cares for Sana. I didn't necessarily feel convinced that Rachel had a sudden change of heart after thinking for years Sana had asked her out as a joke because Sana was the 'popular pretty girl' and Rachel was the 'film nerd.' The ending was cute, but it didn't really redeem Rachel for me. I enjoyed seeing Sana come into her own person and choose her own path. Her story was what I loved reading the most.

Still, this was a good romantic comedy, and I do recommend adding this to your reading list!

Tell Me How You Really Feel is out now!

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