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ARC Book Review: Written in the Stars

3.5-4/5 Stars.

Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur is a very charming adult rom-com that takes all that you love from the romance in Pride and Prejudice and mixes it into a fake dating f/f romance. The story follows the two characters Elle and Darcy. Elle believes in true love, in finding your soul mate, but she has been on countless first dates with no luck. Darcy is still recovering from heartbreak and has closed herself off to the idea of falling in love again. The two are polar opposites, and their first date can only be summed up as a disaster. But when Darcy's had enough of her brother trying to set her up on blind dates, Darcy and Elle agree to fake date to hopefully get some heat off their back... they just didn't take into account the heat that would build between them.

The story is very cute, romantic, and steamy, wrapping up with all the classic rom-com tropes that are always fun to read. It's not necessarily a Pride and Prejudice retelling, but rather it takes inspiration of Elizabeth and Darcy into the main characters. Both characters are easy to relate to in their specific circumstances (Elle feeling she's not worthy enough to receive love and lack of support from her family/Darcy suffering heartbreak and being afraid to love again), and I very much liked the peppered in knowledge of astrology and horoscopes that I'm always interested in but never quite understand. It's definitely got me interested to look more into my horoscope!

I wish there had been a little more to the ending. It felt very abrupt for all the angst that was happening. I did see there will be a second book with a different lead character, so hopefully there will be some background as to how and what Elle and Darcy are doing.

All in all, the book is an enjoyable read, an ideal book that I feel would be a good comfort-read whenever you need some romance in your life.

I received an early copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for the honest review. Thank you!

Written in the Stars releases November 10th, 2020!

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