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ARC Book Review: These Feathered Flames

3.5-4/5 Stars.

These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy is a good political fantasy story that follows twin sisters Asya and Izaveta. Destined at birth for one to become the next queen and the other to become the Firebird, a powerful being who maintains magical balance by tracking down those who have not paid a price for their use of magic, the two reunited after their mother's death and are thrown into a world of political and magical turmoil.

The book had a slow start, and it wasn't until the halfway point that the plot started to kick off. The story is heavily character driven with Asya and Izaveta. The reader spends most of the time reading the mulling thoughts of the two sisters, which gives the feeling of a lack of world building and flat minor characters. Overy's writing style paints out the world so beautifully and makes it so intriguing. I loved the magic system, and the history of their Saints and the Firebird, but it felt a lot was quickly mentioned when it worked briefly with the plot. That being said, I absolutely adored Asya and Izaveta's relationship. For a world that was molding them into who and what they should be, they had to fight tooth and nail through it all to find what they had before becoming queen and Firebird, and ugh I just loved the sister dynamic between them.

With it being a political fantasy, there were a number of twists and reveals with one that REALLY threw me. It truly caught me off guard and definitely piqued my interest further into the story. I loved the slow build of the f/f relationship, and that ending??? I'm so confused and intrigued by that ending, I definitely need to see what happens next!

Overall, These Feathered Flames was an enjoyable read with a strong sister dynamic that really made the book. I'm curious to see where Overy takes the story next!

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

These Feathered Flames releases April 20th, 2021!

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