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ARC Book Review: The Space Between Worlds

4/5 Stars.

I wasn't really sure what to expect when delving into this book, but I can say I was pleasantly surprised! Micaiah Johnson's The Space Between Worlds is a beautifully written time traveling-style science fiction novel. The story follows Cara, who is as a traverser (similar to a time traveler) of 382 alternate worlds. When an alternative version of Cara is found murdered, the story lifts off on an emotional roller coaster journey about identity, purpose, privilege, and healing. The worldbuilding in this book is incredibly interesting as it covers parallel universes and doppelgängers. We also get a look at the difference in class and rank within Wiley City. People either live in the metropolis, wealthy environment of Wiley City, or people live in the rough, dangerous environment of Ashtown, which gives of a Mad Max vibe. Johnson's writing style in this novel is unique and hard hitting as the story combines science fiction with personal/family/intimate relationship dynamics, and all themes take center stage without overshadowing one another. I felt in some parts the writing moved so fast with so many different alternates of characters that I had to pause and try to remember which version of a character was on what earth and what they did there compared to another earth and etc. I feel giving this book a reread will allow me to get more familiar with the worlds and the characters so that the twists and turns will become more enjoyable. All in all, Johnson crafted a wonderful universe and story with meaningful themes that just all weave together perfectly.

I received an early copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for the honest review. Thank you!

The Space Between Worlds releases August 4th, 2020! Follow the author

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