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ARC Book Review: The Falling in Love Montage

4/5 Stars.

The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth is a very sweet and easy read, funny and heartbreaking, and deals with very deep topics. The story follows Saoirse, who is in a weird stage in life and still feeling the remnants of heartbreak. Between healing, battling decisions of whether or not to attend Oxford, the strained relationship with her father, a sick mother, and a new girl in town, Saoirse is a character that I feel many could relate to when it comes to the struggles of family/friends relationships and being a stereotypical teenager. She's frustrating at points, but who isn't frustrating when they're a teenager and overwhelmed with emotional situations.

The story itself is enjoyable and carries all the themes you love and see in classic rom-coms, including even calling out the genre for how ridiculous, but romantic, they can be. It's cheesy, it's angsty, it's cute, it's heartbreaking... all the perfect ingredients! And a cute f/f romance on top of that? What more could you want!

One theme that was very heavy to read, and an important subject we don't see a lot in books, was early onset dementia. As someone who has a family history of dementia, and a family member currently battling it, this really hit hard. It's good to see it get proper representation, and I feel it was handled in a respectful and realistic manner. It puts a lot of strain on a family, in more ways than one. It shows everyone affected by it in the book handle it in their own ways, whether that was appropriately or negatively.

I feel there were a few moments where pacing was too quick, with some conflicts resolving faster than they probably should have. There were small moments of understanding and talking, but I wish it showed more of the healing and growing process when it came to broken relationships.

Also, Barbara, the wedding shop owner, was my absolute favorite and we need more people like her!

All in all, if you're looking for a cute lesbian rom-com, definitely add The Falling in Love Montage to your shelves!

I received an early copy from the publisher via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

The Falling in Love Montage releases June 9th, 2020! Follow the author

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