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ARC Book Review: Something to Talk About

3-3.5/5 Stars.

Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner is an enjoyable read with the absolute longest slow burn romance I have ever read. The story is written with two point of views. We have Jo Jones, a Chinese American Hollywood darling turned writer and director, and we have her assistant, Emma Kaplan. When Jo invites Emma to the SAG awards, a photo is taken of them that set off rumors of them dating.

As I said before, this book has a veryyyy long slow burn romance. It was a bit frustrating to read because the majority of the book is them denying, thinking of the possibility, talking to others about their feelings, and then finally coming to some kind of a confession almost at the end of the book. For me, I need a confession or a spark in the romance much earlier on in the book to feel more invested in it.

The author does touch on a modern, and very important subject of the Me Too Movement within Hollywood. For it being such a sensitive subject, I wish it had taken more spotlight in the plot. It was handled well in the story, but I wanted to know more of the Cassandra Project Jo began to create, but alas, it fizzled out and disappeared from the story.

There is quite the age gap between Jo and Emma, but I felt the trope was written very well. It covered possible problematic aspects of a boss and employee relationship, as well, and I felt comfortable reading and watching the two navigate their way through the potential issues in order to have a healthy relationship. There is also a good chunk of diversity in this book, which was good to see for a setting in Hollywood.

All in all, Something to Talk About is a well done debut for Wilsner, and I'm curious to see what they will write next.

I received an early copy from the publisher via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! Something to Talk About releases May 26th, 2020! Follow the author Where to purchase: Barnes and Noble Books-A-Million Book Depository Amazon Check with your local Indie Book Stores!

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