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ARC Book Review: Get It Right

5/5 Stars.

Get It Right by Skye Kilaen is a short and sweet contemporary romance that packs in all the queer themes you could ask for in a story. For the length of the story, Kilaen has a wonderful way of establishing characters and relationships into the story, making them feel relatable and developed, without the reader feeling as though they're jumping in blind into a story already in progress. The romance is full of good ol' angst and sweetness, and it flows beautifully with the rest of the story.

One feature of the story I wanted to highlight is the inclusion of chronic illness/chronic pain. As someone who lives with both, the story really hit all the right notes in demonstrating what it can be like living with chronic illness or pain. How you have to plan ahead of time with taking your meds if you're planning on going somewhere, your escape routes home if the pain gets too bad, managing time before you're due for more meds, remedies for when it gets bad... I just really appreciated that little tidbit of life with being chronically ill.

I also really appreciated the content warnings Kilaen listed before the story began.

This is a novella that should be on everyone's reading list!

I received an early copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

Get It Right will be published on December 1st, 2020.

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