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ARC Book Review: A Song Below Water

4/5 Stars.

The cover intrigued me, the synopsis sold me, and the story made me fall in love.

A Song Below Water is an urban fantasy that follows two main characters, Effie and Tavia. Tavia is a siren, and Effie plays a mermaid at a Renaissance Faire. I absolutely adored the sisterhood relationship between these two and how they relied on each other in their strengths and weaknesses. Their world consists of fantasy creatures (gargoyles, sirens, sprites, mermaids, eloko), all coexisting in our modern day society of family relationships, racism, and social justice.

While I am always a lover for fantasy settings and creatures, this book brings together the truths of racial discrimination and fantasy themes into a modern day Portland, and I loved every page of it. There are intense scenes that convey painful truths when it comes to brutality, while simultaneously demonstrating that despite having fantasy in a realistic world the hatred remains the same. It's a dark, raw, but completely rational idea with how our current world acts towards minorities.

Bonus: There is ASL used in the book!

A Song Below Water has a powerful and beautiful narrative with saying be proud of who you are and be defiant in a world that's trying to bring you down. I highly recommend this book!

I received an early copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for the honest review. Thank you!

A Song Below Water releases June 2nd, 2020! Follow the author

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