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Editorial Services

First Chapter- $40 USD 
This first chapter will determine what agents, editors, and readers think of your story.  Elements such as dialogue, characters, setting, pacing, etc. will be covered in an editorial letter (or in-line notes, your choice!) on what and how the story can be improved, as well as what is already working well in your story. 


50 Pages- $55 USD 
Whether it is pitching to an agent, or after getting an accepted query letter, the first 50 pages of your book will more than likely be requested.  Perspective on the publishing process and what step to take next with your story will be included in an editorial letter (or in-line notes, your choice!).

Full Manuscript- $00.01 USD per word
This is the final step.  For this service, your entire manuscript will be read, with in-line notes provided to suggest changes, idea, etc. on any area to help improve the story.  Finally, a 3-4 page letter will be sent, revolving around different categories: plot, characters, setting, dialogue, pacing, etc.  This will be a tough love service, but only constructive criticism.  Please state in your message the total word count of the manuscript. 

Sensitivity Reading- Contact for pricing
It is important to have a sensitivity reader to avoid unintentional stereotypes, bias themes, or misinterpretations, especially if you do not personally identify with them or have experienced them. This service is for LGBTQ+, mental health, and chronic illness representation.

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